Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pinch me!

We've purchased a home in Deep River! It is so beautiful, and the best part is, besides it being a two minute walk from the beach and incredible parks, ten minute walk from Grandmama and Grandpa's house, in a small amazing, clean, safe and friendly town, is that we get to move in in two weeks!!!!


  1. wow that's amazing! it's sweet and cheerful. I don't recognize the yellow shutters.

    I love your blog and Cat's Lemon Tree one too!

    Will you really be here in just two weeks? Or is this an old post? It appears this was posted today fri jan 22nd?

  2. deeprivermom,
    hi! i just tried leaving you a comment on livejournal, but i couldnt without a user id.
    i was poking around your page, you seem awesome! leslie was my midwife, too!
    what is your name? have we met?