Sunday, January 24, 2010

lifelong friends

There have been a precious few times in my life when I have met someone and instantly felt a warm and loving connection to them. Regardless of the particulars of our introduction - whether we met at a yoga class, play group, or party - this person instantly held a special place in my heart.

A few days ago I discovered a little box amongst our things and upon opening it, realized it was a gift from two such friends - Cam and Liz. Pete was supposed to deliver the package to me earlier, but amidst the chaos of our recent move, he had forgotten it's whereabouts. It's a beautiful piece of pottery intended especially for the pouring of maple syrup - we LOVE maple syrup!
Our dear friends Cam and Liz are living the dream. They own and operate Oiseau Bay Resort, a majestic off-grid eco-resort located on the Ottawa River just outside of Deep River, Ontario. Living sustainably isn't a catch phrase for this couple, its a way of life. They are such an inspiration to us. Living a simpler, less wasteful life and treading lightly on Mother Earth in virtually everything they do, these friends serve as a good reminder that what we choose to do with our lives truly does have an impact on our collective future.
This incredible place holds many special memories for us (we got engaged there!) and we can't wait for our next visit. Although we only see eachother a few times a year, they are truly lifelong friends and I am so very grateful that they are a part of our lives.

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