Sunday, January 3, 2010

these hands.

In the past few weeks Myles has really mastered crawling. He's everywhere! And I guess I just wasn't fully prepared for it, because yesterday we had quite the accident.
He flew over to the space heater when neither Pete nor I were watching (my god, he is FAST!) and climbed up onto it. With all of his weight on his little chubby arms, his hands pressed onto the burning hot grate, he started screaming. Screaming myself, I ran over to him. We had to ice his hands for awhile and after about an hour of nursing, he seemed to be in better shape, although he wanted to be held by Mama for the rest of the day.
It absolutely breaks my heart that I could have prevented this accident and he had to suffer in that way. A lesson to be learned, for sure.
So today I am most grateful for my little beans hands. They are so soft and sweet and it just melts my whole being when he sucks on his thumb to comfort himself.
I am so very grateful that he didn't hurt them too much and that the pain seems to have subsided.

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