Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a lesson

 In all of my children's yoga classes, I always finish the hour with a happy circle. We all sit around and tell one another something that makes us feel happy and warm inside. Something that makes us feel great about ourselves.
The answers are always so adorable, but usually pretty similar - a picture drawn, caring for and playing with little siblings, cuddling their pets, etc.
This week, I was particularly struck by one child's answer.
The sweet, shy little 7 year old told me that she was so happy because she woke up that morning and the sun was shining, and that after class she was going to the park to splash in the puddles.
So wonderfully pure and simplistic. The sun was shining and she got to play.
A light went on in my head.
Okay Universe, I get the message - no more complaining.

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  1. Children never fail to inspire, do they?