Friday, February 1, 2008

just breathe.

Yesterday was just one of those days. Up all night with the babe (he's not a sleeper, I tell you) and up very, very early with him. Ran out of diapers. Okay. Used a towel. He wouldn't eat. His new thing is making himself gag, because its fun. Not so much fun for a scared mama that constantly thinks he's going to vomit.
Once in awhile, I just let everyday things get to me. Sometimes, I just feel overwhelmed, overworked. Luckily, I have this man, who reminds of the important things. Like breathing. After a much needed meditation, things seemed so much better. More clear. And we did what always works. Danced around the house to ZZ Top. He loves it. We love it.
Time is slipping by. The days go quickly. Someday, not too soon I hope, this little man will no longer need me as much. I need to gobble these days up, ingest them, consume them, treasure them. From now on, I most assuredly will.

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