Wednesday, February 10, 2010

budding artists

After Henry poured an entire container of glue onto his crayons - "look, crayon soup mom!" - I decided to melt them down and make new ones. The little ones love their new "crayon balls".

There is nothing more beautiful or inspiring to me than children's artwork. I think displaying my children's creations shows them that I support and encourage their artistic expression and appreciate the precious pieces they worked so hard on.

I purchased some frames last week (which are crooked in this photo)  and finally got these paintings of Henry's up on the wall. I keep catching glimpses of him admiring them.
Be still, my heart.


  1. good idea, how'd you get so smart? Dad

  2. good save with the crayons! i made the mistake when i was working in childcare with older toddlers to call them cookie crayons - there were lots of bites taken out of them!