Wednesday, February 3, 2010

la cuisine




The boys received this lovely kitchen from Natural Pod as a gift from their Grandmama and Grampie for Christmas. We are all so in love. This is definitely our most treasured toy, and the boys have already spent countless hours cooking up yummy meals and playing "tea time". It is in the center of our living room, which I love because it lets them still be a part of things and keeps us all involved in the fun. It also allows me to cook, clean or knit while still keeping on eye on one rather bossy chef!

Yesterday we had hot chocolate chip muffin mans and at this very moment I am enjoying a bowl of egg potato monster soup. Delicious!


  1. one bowl of egg potato monster soup, please.
    and look at that cutie. the cowl is too much.

  2. Shannon!
    Myles and Henry are sooooo cute! And the kitchen is awesome!

  3. We are hoping to be able to afford a play kitchen soon. I think our kids will love it!