Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh, February.

It seems like every time this month rolls around, I find myself slipping into a bit of a lull. I can't help but feel a little down and a bit grumpy...I think it comes from being stuck inside for the majority of the day and feeling so very ready for spring. All of my magic tricks for keeping the babes happy while they are trapped inside have been used up and we are all starting to get a little antsy.
But this year I am going to try to beat the February Funk by capturing a bit of my happiness everyday, because even amidst all of my self pity, I can assure you there is so much to be happy about around these parts.
So, I may not have very many words, but I will be posting pictures of happiness every few days.

Stay warm,


  1. But February has Valentine's Day! Send the boys on over to Auntie's house and go on a little date :o) It's also the shortest month of the year so before you know it... March will be here and we can start planning our garden!

  2. You are right, Sister.
    There is indeed, so much to look forward to!
    And I am certainly going to hit you up for the babysitting!