Saturday, February 27, 2010

right now

A few days ago I was talking with Pete and telling him how much happier I will be once our kitchen is renovated. My darling husband gently reminded me of how,  just two months ago, when we were staying in my sisters basement waiting to move to our new home I said to him "all I need is to just get in our house and I'll be happy." This observation really struck a cord and I have been thinking about it ever since.
In my yoga classes, I try to teach my students to tune into themselves and to be more mindful of the moment. By focusing on our bodies and our breath, we can stay present during a pose - even if its a particularly difficult one - and maybe even find some sweetness in it. I think that this practice on our mats can, given the chance, translate into an ability to notice things on a day to day basis that we wouldn't otherwise have noticed. Sometimes I get so caught up in a want-to-have-that-right-now mentality, that I forget to stop and enjoy this amazing life I have, right now!
Life is imperfect, I realize that. But there is often so much beauty even in the imperfection itself - if we just take the time to focus and be more present. No, my new dream kitchen isn't a reality yet, but at least I have a kitchen. More importantly, I have the two sweetest little kitchen helpers and a husband who genuinely appreciates and enjoys the food we take the time to make.
Yeah, I think thats pretty sweet.

If we do not have peace and joy right now, when will we have peace and joy - tomorrow, or after tomorrow? 
-Thich Nhat Han


  1. Oh Shan, I so identify with this post. Living in the now and counting my blessings is what has kept me (mostly) sane during some difficult times. I sure wish we could have spent all this time together - we miss you all so much! Good luck with your renos. Kiss the boys for us. xoxox

  2. Is it possible that these kids are getting cuter. Seems like it to me.


  3. Oh, the daily struggles of life. April's been sleeping really badly lately and I've been having trouble keeping my cool. But then I remind myself of how lucky I am to have this amazing life and everything is okay. (I just wish I didn't forget it so often!)

    I love being able to see how you're doing via your blog. And your boys are getting so big!And so much hair. They are just beautiful. I miss you. Maybe we'll be able to visit on our way back across the continent!

    love, Lauren